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Paul has been our payroll specialist since December 2018, he has been the most tentative person to our requests and needs as far as processing our payroll, making adjustments to wages, PTO and any payroll related items, in a very timely manner. In fact, he responds to our emails and phone calls promptly. Thank you for all your hard work and I see nothing but great things for you and your business in the future.
Craig Fierro

CEO, Autoglass Express Truckee Inc.

My firm has had the pleasure if working with Paul in connection with our payroll services and I would highly recommend his services. He is courteous and professional and goes above and beyond. In addition, he is very prompt in responding to any of my requests for information. I have worked with many payroll services over the years for our law firm from ADP down to small payroll services companies, and I can say without a doubt, that Paul is a keeper.
Holly Walker

Attorney At Law, Verus Law Group, APC

I have been working with Paul for quite some time now. Paul and I 1st started doing business together when another payroll company completely Botched my payroll in my workers comp payments. I was left with thousands of dollars in liability , both to the state of California and my workers comp policy holder. Although it was not his responsibility, Paul help me navigate through all of this. I managed to get my outstanding balance with the EDD zeroed out And was able to take care of My workers Comp at a fraction of the price originally due. Since then, Paul has been nothing but helpful and personable. Even through covid 19, Paul has remained engaged, insightful and adds a personal touch to every interaction. I could not ask for a better payroll Company. Whether you are a small business owner, or a larger Company, I can say with confidence mama Paul is definitely your best option.
Nathan D.

Paul Enriquez has been an excellent asset to myself and my company. As a payroll specialist, Paul has continually and consistently gone above and beyond his in every aspect of his required assistance for bookkeeping and payroll. He is diligent, prompt, and always eager to help. He sends me regular courtesy reminders, which also help keep me on task (which is a great help). Paul has been polite, respectful and professional without fail. He has also assisted me in areas most other payroll people would simply defer to others and forget about it. Of recent, he has helped me with tax information issues, when I found others to be simply unreachable.

As a whole, I feel Paul would be an excellent asset to anyone needing reliable and prompt payroll. To find the professional experience Paul has in conjunction with an excellent attitude and a desire to help is a truly rare find these days. I cannot speak highly enough about Mr. Enriquez. I trust you will soon find my praises are not only accurate but understated, to say the least.

Nathan De Fever

CEO, D3 Consult Design Build

My restaurant is always growing and since I’ve outsource payroll my life’s easier. I’m always hesitant when trying a new service or vendor but Paul has made the experience very easy. When I have a question he is ready with an answer. I appreciate the help I’ve received and would definitely recommend his service to a friend. Five Stars! Thank you.
Dave R.

This is a great and trustworthy company. They perform honest work and are always ready to answer any questions me or my father might have. Don’t hesitate In giving them your business!
Matthew C.

Paul’s customer service is great! Friendly and most importantly quick to handle anything that comes up. I always seem to be running behind and he is always there to help me out when needed.

It’s a pleasure working with him and I endorse his professional services 100%.

Davan Firinn

The Mighty Company

I Hired Mr Paul Enriquez after firing a nightmare payroll Company (LCAF.) Paul has been a Blessing. Paul is Professional and knows what he’s doing, he goes Above and Beyond his Duties. Paul fixed all my Payroll errors that were made from this last Company. I also like this company because he doesn’t take the Dues and puts the money is his account he pays all my 940’s and 941 every week. Takes care of IRS dues..etc.. LCAF would take the dues and put the money in there account and forget to process Dues on time. If you want to be stress free and not have to babysit a company to do what there payed to do Please Hire As Easy As 123, Mr Enriguez’s Company name really describes his work ethics.
Should you need more Information and specifics of Why I love this company, please call me.
Bea Dahl

Bea Dahl

I’ve been wanting to thank you for doing my payroll for my businesses. I can always count on you to get my payroll done correctly and in a timely manner. It has been a pleasure working with you for the last 18 months. I sincerely endorse As Easy As 123 Payroll for small businesses like mine with their payroll needs.
Michael Collins

CEO, Fil-Am Care Homes

I highly recommend this payroll company. I have a daycare business and Paul is just the best in customer service. He takes care of our payroll needs right away. I wouldn’t think of signing up for payroll any where else.
Joy R.